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In Kearns & Magna 

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Upcoming Public Meetings


Past public meetings

Public meetings were held in Magna on April 13th at the Webster Center and in Kearns on April 14th at the Kearns Library. The project team is reviewing comments received. We appreciate your input!


the project

Kearns and Magna are working together to create Active Transportation Plans for both townships. 

With Magna reporting a 2020 population of 29,251, and Kearns a population of 36,867, these communities represent the two largest metro townships in Salt Lake County.

Active Transportation is any human-powered mode of transportation, such as biking and walking. Plans like these pave the way for an inclusive transportation system that offers alternatives to automobiles.

Diversity is the cornerstone of these communities and ensuring the voices of community members are heard is one of the main goals of this project. This project will include different public involvement opportunities to gather feedback and educate the public on the benefits of Active Transportation. 

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